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There is no such thing as a lost cause.

About Us

SACC Fosters is the network of homes providing care for the most high-risk and vulnerable animals in need of short-term or long-term care in Sevier County. Foster families prevent animals from being exposed to illness, help animals socialize and practice life in a forever home, offer watchful eyes, medical care, nutrition tracking, behavioral assistance, and great comfort to shelter pets in need. We welcome new fosters and consider our fosters part of a solution for the incredible number of animals entering into shelter custody every year. We offer a variety of programs to fosters with options for different commitment levels, with the knowledge that our community cares and only together can we save the lives of animals who need time and space to become ready for a permanent home. Every open door is hope where there may have otherwise been none. Every goodbye is a foster home ready to save more lives! 

Our Initiatives

Join Us to Make a Difference

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Safe Haven

We understand that no matter how much love a shelter has it is not enough to humanely manage all the companion animals in need. We want to provide safe havens outside the shelter where animals can safely and humanely be housed at reduced risk for our most vulnerable populations.

Rehabilitation and Recovery

Foster homes provide animals with the time and attention they need in order to recover from illness or injury. We are also committed to the belief that minor behavioral challenges can be overcome with the assistance of trained fosters who can devote one on one attention to the case.


We believe that every animal deserves their own advocate, and our deeply invested fosters gather crucial information about their foster's needs and personalities. Through promoting visibility for their foster pets with friends, family, and social media, more fosters are recruited and many animals are pre-adopted before returning to the shelter. There is no greater gift than a community who spreads the word and tells their story.

Get in Touch

1040 Dolly Parton Parkway, Sevierville, TN, USA


Please do not submit urgent messages.

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